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GxP Compliant Engineering

We offer professional services that cover the entire life cycle of an R package or R/Shiny project:

  • Requirements engineering with the result of a user requirements specification
  • Software design: designing the architecture of the package
  • Implementation: production of the source code
  • Validation: documented testing and verification of the functionality; creation of a comprehensive validation documentation (compliant to FDA/GxP guidelines)
  • Release: publication of the R package on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
  • Maintenance: bug fixing, adaptation to the requirements of new R versions
  • Documentation: creation of integrated help documents with Roxygen2 and creation of vignettes and case studies with R Markdown (Rmd)
  • Extension: development of new features
  • Improvement: optimization of the usability (user interface) and the performance, e.g., by translation of R code into C++ with Rcpp
  • Development of graphical user interfaces with the R package Shiny